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Do you have fun at work? I know work is work but I am the kind of guy who has to enjoy who I am with and what I am doing if I am going to stick around for the long haul. At the Drive Conference this year fun was brought up in the main sessions and in many of the breakouts. The team at North Point Community Church thinks that fun is a major ingredient to their staff and church culture. As I processed the idea of the fun factor it got me thinking about our staff culture at Grace Community. We have way too much fun. Our office is filled with laughter. We program fun into all our environments…preschool through the Sunday morning gathering! Honestly, if you don’t like to laugh you won’t last long around our church. I would argue that FUN is a great indicator of the health of a staff, a volunteer team, a church. God made laughter…why should it not be a huge part of our work, family, ministry, or church life? I started thinking about where it is important to have the fun factor in our churches…

  • Volunteering should be FUN // What volunteer wants to be a part of something boring? None of them! Serving should be fun because we are passionate about the mission and the people we serve with. Let’s face it…making a difference in fun! Make sure your volunteers enjoy their time in your area!
  • Your staff should have FUN // I know, pastors are supposed to be serious. Get over it and have some fun! Working for the church should be the greatest job ever because we have the greatest mission ever. Healthy staffs take their Savior very serious. They don’t take themselves serious at all…that is called HUMILITY! Jesus like it!
  • Your environments should be FUN // come on…why try to make church boring. Have some fun in your environments on Sundays and Wednesdays! How you ask…why not make announcements fun? If you work with kids or middle school students why not have a game that is FUN? When you are teaching why not add a little FUN with humor? Why not laugh…it allows people to let their guard down.