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Finding the right team to serve with in ministry does not mean God will not lead you to serve in hard places. Look in Scripture at the life of the prophet Jeremiah…that was hard. Check out the thousands to men and women who serve in third world countries spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Talk to thousands of church and non-profit leaders serving in difficult rural and urban areas around our country. In ministry you are going to find yourself with hard challenges in difficult places. Knowing this truth makes who you serve with even more important. Healthy (not perfect, there is no perfect) leadership enables healthy ministry in difficult places. Finding the right ministry fit, for how God has wired and gifted you, may take you to opportunities you may never have dreamed about. The joy of serving along side people you love and trust is worth seeking…just be ready…God may take you somewhere you never imagined. There is a synergy that happens when a group of people serve together with a shared vision, passion of Christ, and direction. You have 2 choices. Find that team and join them or prayerfully, humbly, and courageously shape your current team into that kind of organization. Settling for mediocre is simply not a valid option if you want to do ministry for the long haul. What is next for you?