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We’re about 80 days away from the Orange Conference and I can’t wait to see how God works during those days that we set aside to process how we can reach this generation and partner with families. For the next week I am going to “think orange” on my blog with a bunch of other amazing children’s and student ministry leaders from across the country. Many of these guys are my friends and they have some great insight into where family ministry is headed over the next 10 years. Check these blogs out this week and I hope you will join us in Atlanta for the Orange Conference…

Orange Bloggers:
Amy Fenton Lee:
Wayne Stocks: and
Cass Brannan:
Michael Bayne:
Jenny Funderburke:
Tom Pounder:
Henry Zonio:
Nick Blevins:
Amy Dolan:
Steve Cullum:
Ben Read:
Kenny Conley:
Dustin Valencia:
Paul Mannino:
Jeremy Lee:
Jason Chenoweth:
Benjamin Kerns:
Jonathan Cliff: