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The team at Rethink have done it again…they are asking us to journey with them as they plan the Orange Conference for 2010. You heard me right, you get to see the conference unfold right from your office over the next few months as you get ready to attend the Orange Conference. Each week on the Making of Orange website they are going to put up daily updates of what the teams are working on and asking for input along the way. There will also be video of meetings, pictures, and a weekly video update from Reggie Joiner. What an amazing idea! I am not aware of any conference out there that is engaging their attenders like this one. The Orange Conference is not just a place to go and get ideas, it is a gathering of leaders united around a ministry strategy. Now we get to help shape the conference experience before we get there. If you can’t make the conference this year there are plans to have a few breakout’s streamed live and the opening session will be live for anyone to experience. So here we go Children’s, Preschool, and Student pastors…go check it out.