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Maybe this is a student ministry phenomenon but so many of us get caught in the…WHO WAS NOT HERE mindset of ministry. It is almost like at every event, gathering, retreat our minds move right past all of people who chose to come and dwell on all the folks missing. Should we check on folks who miss? Sure! Should it consume us with worry? No! I think it comes back to our thinking that our ministry, our plans, our events are the most important things, the only thing that does and should matter. Sounds harsh but you know it is true. We so often think, how could those people who missed, miss, what is so important? Well, they do miss and they will miss and at some point we have serve who is in the room. Why should we miss what God is doing right around us and worry about people who are not even there. In 2009 I am having to come to terms with the fact that at every event, every camp, and every weekly gathering teens are going to have other stuff going on in their lives and they are going to miss what is going on. I hate they will miss it, I want them to experience what is going on, but I am not really in control am I. I think we should all say that together. WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL. I am called to serve people not to control their schedules. Just a thought…serve who is there, encourage those who miss (the stuff we have planned), and drink a diet dew. I really like the dew part!