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screaming parentIf you are a parent there is a 100% chance you have found yourself frustrated. Frustrated with your child, your spouse, their school, your finances, your schedule, and probably your lack of sleep! Parenting can be frustrating. For children’s and student pastors helping frustrated parents is difficult work because they are…well…frustrated…and frustrated parents can be a little on edge because that’s just part of being frustrated.

The question for ministry leaders is how can I best help a frustrated parent? Let’s get even more personal. How do you help a parent that is frustrated with you or the ministry you lead? That hits home and here are a few tips when it’s time to help a parent who it frustrated…

  1. Listen and don’t take it personal // this is hard because we are all so connected to the ministries we lead. Step back, breathe deep, and really listen when a parent is frustrated. Ask clarifying questions and work hard to move beyond emotion and uncover the issue.
  2. Explain // there is a reason why you do what you do in your ministry setting. Take the time to cast vision and invest in every frustrated parent. Many times parents are frustrated because they don’t have the information they need.
  3. Process // don’t react, slow down and think. Take some time and get some feedback to formulate the best plan to help the parent. There are times when you just have to stand your ground and realize you can’t solve every problem but many times if you process you will know the right steps to take.
  4. Improve // when a parent comes to you and is frustrated most of the time something got off track. Do everything to help you team leverage the moment and get better even if the only thing you do is become a better listener. Frustration moments are teachable moments.
  5. Keep partnering with the parent and move forward // when you help parents in times of frustration your relationship will grow deeper. Don’t view a frustrated parent as a problem but instead move forward and keep partnering. Never forget that the parent is the primary spiritual influence in the life of a child.