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Want to help make generosity, missions, giving, or sacrifice concrete for teens and kids? Show them what they accomplished quickly. This past month we challenged our childrens ministry to raise 1,500.00 so we could build a playground in Guatemala at an orphanage we sponsor. They raised the money and this past week we were able to show them the swing set they made a reality. The kids were stoked because they had the chance to see what they accomplished.

This generation is generous and that generosity goes to the next level when there is a way to connect and see the difference they are making. We live in a world that is connected by by the internet. I can communicate with church leaders in Africa any day of the week. I can call leaders in Guatemala by skype right now. With all of this connectivity make sure you are connecting the generosity and sacrifice of your teens and kids with the mission they are trying to accomplish. When that connection is made generosity explodes in the heart of this generation.