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PM_Kids_Logo_COLORToday is the day! So excited to introduce everyone to Parent Ministry for Kids! We have been working on this idea for over a year and now it’s here and ready for children’s and family pastors all over the world to put this into motion in their children’s ministries. We designed Parent Ministry for Kids so ministry leaders could have a powerful tool that would help them launch a directed ministry aimed right at PARENTS. We want to help you help parents and we want your ministry to get the credit.

We believe that every children’s ministry can be divided into three areas…kids, volunteers, and parents. The parent part of the equation often get’s left off the ministry radar because of the pace of children’s ministry. Parent Ministry for Kids wants to help you with that last third of the children’s ministry equation.

This is launch day so we are asking you to do 2 things. You can go ahead now and sign up to be a Parent Ministry for Kids subscriber! We would love that! Also you can join our online Flash Mob at 3PM (Central) and tweet or Facebook post about Parent Ministry for Kids. Either way please join the party!

If you make the move and subscribe today (or this week) you will get some incredible bonuses…

  • Everyone who subscribes during Launch Week will receive over $1000 in FREE BONUS resources from folks like Jim Wideman, Timbuktoons, Uncle Charlie, Michael Bayne, Andy Savage, Yancy not Nancy, Ron Edmondson, Jeremy Lee, and more.
  • The FIRST SUBSCRIBER on Launch Day day gets a $100 iTunes Card
  • The next 39 subscribers get a $10 Itunes Card
  • Random winners selected throughout Launch Week to win other prizes!
  • Who knows what else we might think of!

Launch week begins on OCTOBER 3 at 10 am (CST) and ends on October 14 at midnight (CST).

If you have any questions or if you want to book a launch week virtual tour you can email