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This is a post about 2 houses, yes we are about to own 2 houses and you could be the owner of one here in Chesapeake! Yes our house here has been on the market for about 30 days and we have had a ton of traffic. Lots of lookers but we have not closed the deal here. I wanted to put the pic up on the blog. Just wanted to ask you if you happen to read this to pray that God would bring the right buyer to us. He has such a sweet plan in all of this. We close on our new house on May 11 and we are very excited that God has provided us a way to get it while we still have a home in Virginia. We will be eating lots of macaroni for a while but it will work. We house hunted Monday and Tuesday after Easter and we found the house and made an offer. Chelsea is the great house judge and she is very excited. To be honest I ma excited also. This is what we were looking for and God provided it. Anyway, pray we get a buyer for the house here in VA.
When we get to C-ville we will begin a new adventure called Kozbi and Kelyn sharing a bedroom. Koz wants to have a bedroom with her sister so we are gonna try this and make the bonus room in the new house more of a family play room. (I need a new xbox 360 so I can play!) It will be fun to see how it works. The girls get along so well. We will see!