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The Passion Conference is simply a gathering of college students and next generation leaders that has been taking place, when God saw fit every few years all across the country. Passion, founded and led by Louie Giglio, exists to point college students to God, the heart of God, the Glory of God. Really, no kidding, it is all about honoring, worshiping, lifting high pour GREAT GOD. I have been able to experience two Passion events with high school seniors I took to the event. God did amazing things in our lives as we invaded a city with 20,000 other people passionately going after God. There is nothing like watching 20,000 people exalt God at the same time in the same room. We have a group of college students from Grace Community at the Passion Conference this week and my heart has longed to be there with them. It has been cool to look back and remember some principles God taught me through Passion events and Louie and the Passion team…

  • Be flexible and allow God to lead // it has been amazing to watch this small leadership team change ministry direction as God has led. Really, this team has planned events and done things that were simply stupid. Why do those things…because God led them to do it. Guess what, God got the glory.
  • God is at work in this generation right now // God is working. God is on the move. The passion team has just helped us see what God was already doing in this generation.
  • Do something NOW // every passion conference the crowd is called to take action and sacrifice in order to help address problems around the globe. This generation will not sit in a building and talk about problems, they are going to help be the solution.
  • Serve Now // I was always reminded at Passion events about the leadership ability, energy, and desire of next generation leaders. God has used these vents to call people to serve now. I clearly remember God calling me to take great ministry risks every passion event. This generation will not wait for older leadership to give us permission to live courageously for Christ. We will serve now.
  • Love, worship, desire MORE OF CHRIST // Every passion event I have ever been a part of, any passion CD I have bought, podcast I have listened to, I come away more in love with Jesus. That is the focus, the goal, the hope. More of Christ, less of us!

One thing I know for sure…God is going to use Passion 2010 to forward His fame and His glory in the world.