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Gaining support for your cause if hard work, but losing support is much easier to do and can happen very fast. Several weeks ago we asked a few non-profits to come in on Sunday morning at Grace Community and allow us to promote their cause. The only thing these organizations had to do was show up at a supporter’s location and give out info to people who might help their cause. Guess what two of these organizations did? They ignored the invite and even declined to provide simple promotional info for the day. We ended up showcasing the one ministry in our community that came in and partnered with us. The other two we invited lost out on the promotion that Sunday and much of our support for their organizations. When most people or organizations support a cause they want to feel and experience a real partnership. You can look at World Vision, Soles 4 Souls, or Compassion International for good examples of how these organizations partner with their supporters. Nonprofits lose support when they break trust or fail to respond to the needs of their supporters. Want to lose support?

  • Try not listening to your supporters
  • Don’t give your supporters regular feedback
  • Don’t find ways for people to get “hands on” with your organizations
  • Don’t show up when your supporters invite you to promote the cause

Any combination above will help you lose support for your cause…if your cause matters then show up, inform, involve, and listen!