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If you want to partner with families who have teens…get ready to make it a priority. Talking about the big idea and actually following through with a plan are two different things. Relevant started to work our plan in 2009 and half way through we are finding this to be a difficult process. They difficulty in making connections lead so many of us to remove partnering with the family from our top priorities. If you want to partner with parents you have to have a plan. We are working hard to inform, connect, and be available. Let me explain…

INFORM>> We want to keep let the parents know where we are leading their teens. We keep an update on our website from every Remix and we podcast every service. Why??? So they know where we are headed. Information is a powerful tool for a parent. Info enables the parent to have a framework to engage their son or daughter. Information also builds trust with the Relevant team and keeping that info online allows parents to get to the information when they need it.

CONNECT>> We want parents to know who is investing in their son or daughter. That connection can be me as the student pastor but really it needs to be the small group leader. The small group leader at REMIX is a youth pastor on our team and cares for the teens they lead. Each week our small group leaders email their parents an update email just to build a bridge. Many of our small group leaders are having chances to encourage and connect with parents. Parents want to know there are other caring adults investing in their teen.

BE AVAILABLE>> When a teen or parent needs us to answer a question, give advice, or serve in a time of crisis we just want to be available. We hope parents know we want to be on this journey for the good and bad times of their teen’s life. When parents need help we want to be ready.

What is your plan to engage and partner with parents? Take some time this week to think about what your ministry can do for the family. Keep it simple and make sure you don’t give up on the parents you serve.