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We have heard people describe Grace Community Church as a “fun” place to go to church the past few weeks. This is how it goes…A GCC attender tells a friend that they are going to GCC then they drop the dirty word when it comes to talking about your church…IT WAS FUN! When the person hearing this description hears the word FUN they think Disney World or Chuck e Cheese because they may not have had fun at church since that 6th grade lock-in they went too 30 years ago. So, we get called the FUN church. And yes I am OK with that because I know why people who attend call going to church here FUN? Discovering the love and grace of God is amazing, finding a church where you belong is fun, being able invite your friends to church because you trust the leadership is fun, and actually engaging God in worship is FUN! Our team is excited people are talking about what God is doing in their life through GCC. Just because they do not use “churchy” words does not make what God is doing invalid, it makes it genuine.

Seeing God change lives is FUN. Seeing God repair broken lives is FUN. Watching people find a place to be real in community group is FUN. Seeing 20 people last Sunday get baptized was FUN. Getting to gather for worship with people as they hear God’s word taught in a clear way so can live it out after the message is FUN. If we have to be called the FUN church for those things to keep happening I am cool with it. Let’s have some FUN.