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directionI’m a better leader when…I bet you can answer that question. There are seasons when we are set up to lead well and times when it is a constant struggle. I think being aware that we are not always at our best is such a good reminder. When you hit seasons of struggle as a leader you can be prepared to make adjustments so you don’t make decisions based on your current situation. Effective leadership is about dissecting and evaluating the now so you can set your organization / ministry up for tomorrow.

If I am going to lead well for the long run then I have determine when I am at my best and prepare for the days when I am a little off track. I lead my best when…

  • I have time to work ahead on projects and block out time on my calendar to focus.
  • I have healthy leaders around me that are focused on pushing the organization forward and not just their agenda.
  • I am leading with people I call friends.
  • I am learning from other leaders by blocking out time to connect, read, and think.
  • I am laughing and keeping my attitude in check.
  • I am aware that my plans are nothing compared to the plans of God.
  • I am managing my time and calendar well so it frees me to be in the moment when God opens an opportunity.
  • I am enabling leaders around me to lead and take risks and not trying to control the outcome.
  • I am willing to recognize mistakes I have made and apologize quickly.
  • I protect time off and turn off my “ministry brain” once each week for a time.
  • I set healthy goals that demand I lead by faith and trust God more than my ability.
  • I process with other people on my team what I am thinking so I am not in isolation.
  • I protect my family at home because that is ministry that matters most in the end.
  • I play golf and watch the Tennessee Vols win many games. (just keeping it real!)

This list helps me be a better leader. I bet you could make a similar list. It’s very important for you to find what helps you lead better and then work to make that list a reality.