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This morning I went to see Brock Rowland play football. The little guy is a great football player and his coach is a good friend of mine, well Go COACH CHAD. The team did not pull off the win but it was a great game. After the loss I watched the fans of the team cheer the team on, I watched Chad gather the boys and encourage then on a game well played, and I saw a ton of parents proud of their kids! I have met a ton of senior pastors in my day but this is the first one I have met who will give his time to coach a team of kids 2 afternoons a week with a game on Saturday to serve a group of families who want their little kids to play football. Sure, I know Brock is on the team. That is a huge investment in itself. Thanks Rowland for caring about investing in people (our community) not just the church you lead. final word – Good game today Brock, I can not wait to see you run the ball at RHS or CHS! (wherever you live then!)

Again today I ask where are you serving or giving that has no direct connection with your church? How are you involved in your community?