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If you want to lead a church, non-profit, or ministry that is innovative you have to learn to embrace the risk that comes with it. I would say we have a very innovative environment here where I serve and it’s because we have learned to endure the risk that comes with innovation. Being innovative demands experimentation. Experimenting will lead to both success and failure. Innovation always leads to change and I’m not sure if you have learned this yet but people don’t always enjoy change. I could list off tons of things our team has tried in our desire to innovate. Some things went well and others we will never do again. We tried…innovation happens when we are willing to try. There is no safe place to hide when we innovate. Our hope to find a better way to accomplish our goals, communicate our message, to solve a problem means we are going to have to take risks. Sometimes things are going to work and that is what makes the risk worth it.