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Creativity is a needed asset for all of us who create environments for the next generation. As a culture we value innovation and creativity so why would we not want that to thrive in the churches we serve? We serve a remarkably creative God? Look around…He made all this. I like to think he uses a MacBook Pro right now to take care of official “Holy Business.” (He might even already have the iPad 14) Seriously God is creative. God is an innovator. God also shaped and formed you to be a creative force in this world. It really doesn’t matter how you are wired you can strive to be creative with whatever you are good at and with whatever you lead. If you are going to be a problem solver in the ministry you lead then you need to embrace the advantage of creativity. Inspiration really is all around you and to find it you just have to be looking.  Here is where I’m constantly looking for inspiration…

  • God’s Word // Reading God’s Word on a systematic basis simply opens our minds to think the thoughts of God. Naturally we miss they way God thinks. If you want to think as God thinks then read God’s thoughts!
  • Blogs // I have a ton of blogs that I work through each month just to see what other people are doing. Blogs give you a chance to get inside the minds of other creative leaders.
  • Getting outside // I love to exercise and work outside. There is something about being in the space God created that brings inspiration and clear thinking.
  • Reading // Reading allows you to work through the thoughts of other leaders. Reading forces us to be focused and process with other creatives through their writing with more effort than a blog or magazine.
  • Commercials // I may be weird but I love to watch how other choose to brand their ideas and products. I love commercials! Telling a story in 30 seconds to One minute is hard work and demands creativity!
  • Conferences and Concerts // I love experiencing the concert and conference feel. I love watching how people choose to set up lights, stage, and video. I love to learn from conference planners because they are working hard to keep the attention of a distracted crowd.
  • Connecting with other leaders // There is nothing like taking time to hear the stories of other leaders. Creativity thrives in community not in isolation.