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Strategy is such a cool word but really strategy is a very simple concept. Strategy is nothing more than a plan with the end in mind. The question I hope you will think about this morning is what would happen if your preschool, children, youth, and college leaders synchronized their strategy? Sure I know every team will have different methods but what if we linked arms with a strategy that would help us all move the next generation toward the same destination? When we all have our own plan, our own strategy, our own global direction, then we take families in different directions in every stage of life. When leaders collaborate they help move families in the same direction. This is hard work and I already know some of the immediate resistance you have but check out these ideas that Reggie Joiner helped us process at the Orange Tour today…

When you integrate strategy it simplifies everyone’s focus.

When you integrate strategy you synchronize everyone’s effort

When you integrate strategy you get to celebrate as a team.

When you integrate strategy you enhance everyone’s capacity. 

All of these statements are so intense that I am not even going to comment. These are things that we dream about and I now can say that they are possible because our team at Grace Community did the hard work of synchronizing. When you take the time and synchronize your strategy these statements are possible for your church. I know it is different but trust me integrated strategy is possible.