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Here at catalyst again and it has been a great morning. I have so many leadership thoughts banging around in my head right now so I am going to take the next few days to post them as i wrap my mind around it all. Yesterday Andy Stanley talked about why people follow us. We lead in volunteer organizations where people choose to come and attend, serve, give, and live. The question is why do they follow us. The answer was, is, will always be moral authority or integrity, or character (whatever you want to call it). Here is the idea. Moral character takes years to develop but can be lost in a moment. I will not type it all out but go look in the Bible in the book of Nehemiah and see how he was able to confront corruption and lead volunteers. He was able to lead because he made wise choices when no one was looking. The bottom line is that there must be a link in what we say and how we live. CONSISTENCY

The idea hits home because we are all drawn to the public side of ministry, business, and life. We look at where people are currently and never give thought to the choices that led that person to that place of leadership. The small things matter. The small issues are huge. How we handle the small things, how we confront sin on a personal level. The choices we make when no one is looking does matter. There is a tension for all of that we must dream, strive, plan but at the same time make the right choice in the moment. The question I am asking this morning is have I been ignoring the seemingly small things in my life. Have I been taking shortcuts? If I ever come to place to saying I have no weak areas I am a liar. Lets get introspective and take action.

My prayer is that God will keep exposing this stuff so that I can be used for His glory. I am thankful for leaders helping us come back to the heart of God. God is VERY interested in what is going on in our hearts and he already knows the short cuts we are taking. God please show us what you see!