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Is bigger better? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I know that it’s hard for all next generation leaders to deal with because we are addicted to growth. We find joy in growth. We find our identity in growth. We find affirmation in growth. Sometimes we love bigger more than Jesus. I know that because I have experienced it. I have found more joy in growing numbers than my relationship with Jesus. Today Doug Fields helped us process how many times we are blinded by growth, blinded by our pace, and blinded by comparison. Here are his thoughts from the session…

Many time we focus on the wrong things. Here are some spotlights that blind us…

Numbers / when bigger is better you feel the pressure to feed the beast

Pace of life / ministry becomes a sprint, you skim on relationships

Constant comparison / outside the church, inside the church, how we speak, how they speak

When you focus on these things too much you get burned and drained. The majority of us focus on these way too much.

With healed / corrected vision…

Bigger is NOT better, better is better / people do not want to be a number they want to be known, people want to be a part of a thriving organization not a big organization,

Hurry is the enemy of depth / business comes with a price tag, depth of people, myself, and Jesus comes when we slow down

Replace comparison with effectiveness / we need to stop comparing and start abiding in Jesus, effectiveness helps us find peace in giving our all

We need Jesus to open our eyes. He is the real light of life not artificial light.

Just a few more ideas Doug through out…
When people talk about how busy they are something is broken.
Every leader, ministry, and church looks better from a distance than is in reality.
When you look to the future do you like the kind of leader you are becoming.