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At our church we have been on the Facebook journey for several years trying to find ways to connect with people. Several years ago our team just realized that’s where people were spending their time online so we went there. We have had a group, a page, been allowed to have a normal account people can add as a friend, and now just launched our new organization page where people can “like us” and you can check that new format out here. Of course our family ministry has also been using social medis for years. You can see our student ministry page here. We are pumped because we are about to reformat our FB presence. We love social media because it allows us to do several things…

  • connect with people looking for a church or family ministry for their kids
  • connect with people who have bought into what we are doing
  • communicate vision and mission
  • communicate with our volunteers
  • provide info about events
  • stay on people’s mind (out of sight out of mind!)

Sure, we love our websites but they are not as interactive as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to connect with people get our there and get going. If you have not been using social media well and you want to get going check out this post from my friend Matt Mckee and start by using it to communicate with volunteers.