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This past week I had some work done on my lawn mower. I have had my mower for about 4 years and had no work done to it. There were just a few things that need to be fixed. While it was in the shop I had them sharpen the blade and wow what a difference. It was like a new machine today.  It got me thinking about how much better we all would be if we made time for personal maintenance. I have realized without some intentional personal maintenance in my life everything tends to drift toward chaos. I am drawn to short cuts when I don’t take time to step back and evaluate where I am headed. Some small changes can make a huge impact in our lives…

  • Do what matters most, first // we spend way too much time doing busy work. I have to make sure I am doing what matters most, first.
  • Make sure I am going home and taking time to relax // I tend to push pretty hard and I enjoy what I do. Home is where I can breath deep and connect with what my top priorities need to be. I have to go home and protect my days off.
  • Plan a new schedule for my time with God // getting a new plan for my quiet time is so refreshing for my walk with God. A new devotional book or a plan for prayer and Bible reading can really open my heart to what God wants to do.
  • Read a new book // reading helps me to learn from others. Nothing helps me think like reading.
  • Connect with mentors // sometimes I need to block off time to hear from guys who are my mentors…I’m lucky…I work with 2 of them. Many times I need to sit down and process ministry and life with them.
  • Mix up the schedule // this is magic. Mixing my schedule around helps me gain momentum. To mix up your schedule you have to have a schedule…some of you need to start there!
  • Clean // there is something amazing about throwing stuff away and deleting things on my mac.
  • Set some goals // goals inspire me. Even short term goals can make a huge difference in my life. Goals help me to say no more often to things that are good but not best.

What are some practices that help you focus? What helps get you back on track when things are not going well?