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Last week we gathered our Remix small group leaders for an end of the year gathering to help them prepare for this summer and to celebrate the end of the school year. My favorite part of the night was hearing the stories of life change that happened in their small groups through the past year. Listening to their stories helps us all connect with what God has done in the past year of ministry. We had the joy of listening to the experiences of other team members and celebrating with them. That moment never would have never happened if we did stop stop to listen…to process…to celebrate…to connect. All of that went down because we slowed down to listen.

There is one thing I know for sure about the volunteers you lead and that one thing is that they need to be heard. When we take time to listen to our team we express their value. We say to them that what they do is important enough to bring our busy selves to a halt so that we can JUST LISTEN. How do I know this? I know this little fact because I love to be heard. When people listen to my story, seek my advice, want to hear my experience I feel valued. Why would I think my volunteers are any different? Once I hear the stories of those I do ministry with they are much more likely to join me in our adventure of creating the story of serving kids, teens, and parents at Grace Community Church. There ya go…make sure you stop to just listen to those you lead!