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Just sitting here about to blog a little about nothing and my daughter shows up downstairs (she is supposed to be in the bed) and says…dad…I peed in the bed???? I thought you were supposed to do that when you were sleeping. My kid does that when she is wide awake and playing and too busy to go to the bathroom. Well – maybe it works well for a busy life. I may start going for it when I am busy with sermon prep. It might be a good thing….you never know!

I also used my first wall stuf finder tonight, should have read the firsections because I drilled holes in the wrong place. I am such a good carpenter. I really need to be on HGTV, I think I would be a great carpenter. Putting up baby gates is harder than it looks.

Chelsea and I have been trying to figure out how to build relationships with the people around us. How is it that we share the gospel with those we know in our neighborhood. This past week Chelsea did something so cool. Her and Koz baked cookies and put them in bags and put a note that said “God bless you have a great New Year from the Bayne family” and left them for our neighbors. From that she has gotten to know the new people across the street and spand time with others also. It takes time to get to know people who do not know Christ. As Christians we are so busy that most of do not have time for the lost. I am the first to blame on that one! We might miss Sunday “night” church (praise the Lord we do not have that at First Norfolk) or a class at church in order to cook a meal for a family who does not know Christ. I have been convicted about praying for those around me. Just a simple time of prayer for our freinds around us when I am out checking the mail or taking out the trash. What the poeple around us need is Jesus Christ. I ampraying we can all find ways to get to know people so we can talk with them about Jesus. When people know we care about them, they will listen to the message.

Just so you know I care, 24 come back on Sunday night. GO Jack Bauer. We all live in peace because of Jack. Chelsea and I watched all the other seasons this past year. We are ready to see what is in store next.

Also – I am hoping we get to see my Philidelphia Eagles and the Colts in the Superbowl! Go Eagles!