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Our virtue the kids (k-5) are learning about this month in Cross Street ( is Knowledge. Yesterday Chelsea and Kozbi were doing their GOD TIME card that Koz brought home from church and the card suggested that everyone needed to find a quiet space where they could read the Bible everyday and learn about God. Well, you are looking at a picture of Kozbi’s space to read the Bible that she made in my room yesterday. She made it right by the chair that Chelsea uses each day to read the Bible. Kozbi has better taste because her space has a chair, stuffed unicorn, polly pockets, and her Bible. Pretty cool! It is amazing the loving spirit of a child. I was so reminded that God want to hang out with us each day. He is not distant; He is near. He wants to come and meet with us, hear from us, and teach us His way of living. So incredible that my girl got to teach me a God lesson this morning. Think about where your favorite place to talk to God is! Have you given God time each day to spend together? In the car, in your room, in your back yard, or in your office God wants to spend time with us. Go for it!