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This past weekend we planned the date, we bought the tickets, we made the drive and Chelsea and I took Kozbi our four year old to her first Univeristy of Tennessee football game. We did it all, we parked and walked up the strip, ate the pregame meal at Krystal on the strip, went to the bookstore, marched in with the band, sang rocky top 100 times, bought Kozbi pom poms, dressed in orange head to toe, went down to the field so Kozbi could see the cheerleaders and see the field, we did it all. I have been to games many times but this was different. My entire day was wrapped up in making sure my little girl got to experience everything GOOD about going to a UT game, all the passion, all the energy. After the game we were walking back to the car and her legs were tired she asked to ride on my shoulders and of course yes I said come on! I carried her most of the way to the car so she would not have to walk in the huge crowd leaving and so her legs could rest. I had this thought as i was walking and my back was hurting, and I had just spent a whole day making sure this all went off…THIS IS WHAT BEING A DAD IS ABOUT. This trip was just a DAD kind of thing. Helping your kid have an experience is just a “dad” thing to do. In that moment it felt good to be a Dad. I was just in the middle of helping a little girl make a memory and it was amazing. I know it is hard to believe but in the middle of this DAD moment I felt God impressing on my heart how God feels about us since the bible clearly tells us that we are his children. His desire for us to experience life and life to its fullest has to be so much greater that my desire for my daughter. I can just imagine the pride and joy God feels when he sees us make choices that bring him Glory. I can just imagine how we loves to see us choose His way over a sinful or selfish way. I can only imagine how ready God is to pick us up and put us on his shoulders to carry us to the “car”. When I connect this with how I feel about my little girls I remember that verse in the New Testament that reminds us that if God is for us, who can be against us. No one…our Father is right there for us ready to pick us up. Thanks God, for carrying me to the “car”. That is just kind of thing you do.