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Yea, this is it until we get back from New Orleans. Today was just a great day for the team here. By far we found our groove on our VBS site. The kids plugged in and connected with the story today, they went crazy and did some crazy dancing with me playing the guitar, they really opened up in small group and connected with our team. Today was why we are here and on Friday we get to share the gospel with the kids. Many times the kids have asked us why we are here and of course we are here to invest in them. They have never seen this so this is all new. Our goal Friday is to as clearly as we can help them to understand what God did by giving humanity Jesus. Pray for us, it is going to be wild to see what God does. We feel the week was a win since we were able to get this club going and we have a church following us. In or work in the mornings we have been able to clear out 6 overgrown yards! The neighbors have been so thankful. Imagine having to have the house next to your overgrown with weeds, snakes, and bugs? yea, that would stink. It has been great to just serve. Thanks for everyone who prayed for us. We get back Saturday evening and I am ready to see Kelyn and Kozbi! we are headed to our last worship gathering of the week tonight then getting off campus to go get some ice cream, yea…you know how we roll at GCC! We have to get off campus and have some fun.

Will get a recap post up after we get back in town, pray for the team as we share the message of Jesus with the kids in the 7th ward on Friday.