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Today was our last day at First Norfolk serving on staff as Minister to Students. It was so incredible to be encouraged by so many folks today. We have enjoyed every moment of leading the students in Norfolk. Our time in VA has been a time of learning to trust God and believe in the local church. Chelsea and I have a heart for the new church movement. We are so passionate about rethinking how church is done and community is experienced but our time at First Norfolk taught us that God has a huge plan for every church that is willing to place Him at the center of their focus. Yes FBCN is 200 years old but the future for First Norfolk is bright because the leadership is looking forward to God’s mission for the church and not worshipping methods used in the past or apologizing to church members for having vision and direction from God. It has been amazing to work with Eric Thomas and the staff at First Norfolk. We will continue to pray God will pour out his spirit on FBCN and we so look forward to keeping track with all our peeps from VA Beach and Chesapeake. (yes I said peeps) Thanks to all to wrote incredible cards of encouragement and gave time to drop by and give a hug and a prayer to the Bayne family.

We are stoked about joining the team at Grace Community. Our first Sunday will be Mothers Day ( my mom will be worshipping with us at grace that day! YEA for MOM!) and we are stoked about getting into town and getting settled. We have a house that we are buying there so we are now trusting God to sell our house in Chesapeake. It is a wild adventure for sure. Chelsea and I want to say thanks to all the folks in Clarksville who have welcomed us back to town. We have so many frineds that are in different churches in C-ville who have emailed and called to encourage us and we so look forward to connecting with all of you. We are thrilled to be joining the KINGDOM effort in the city and we know God will be glorified as we all live out our faith each day in the city.

My new email is if you need anything! Get to start packing soon. Praying for a patient heart!