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You need to laugh! I know we ministry/church people are not known for laughter. When you think about church you don’t think about laughter but it is so needed in all our churches and ministries! Let’s think about this. God made us so God also made laughter. I’m just thinking if God made it and we all love to do it why don’t we make it happen more often. (hey married folks that goes for other activities God made also!!!) I watched Last Comic Standing tonight with my wife and sat back for 2 hours and laughed. There is nothing better! Today at the office I got to laugh with the folks on our team. I watched my kids jump on the trampoline with a friend today and had to laugh. (they were in their pajamas!!) Laughter is a big deal and we are trying to more intentional about creating FUNNY moments in all our environments at GCC this coming year. We really think laughter is a big deal if we want to engage the heart of the people who walk through the doors of our church. We also think it is a big deal for our staff and volunteers. When you combine work/serving with having fun you have something special. Go ahead, LAUGH MORE!