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Sat down last night to watch one of my favorite games of the year, the college football National Championship game. Seriously there is nothing quite like it. No matter who wins I love watching both sidelines to see how both coaches lead. Getting 85 guys to buy into a dream and a system is hard leadership work and a coach who makes it to the championship game has done a great job all year long. Every time I watch great coaches coach I look for leadership lessons for ministry. I believe everyday we lead our ministries we have to choose to lead like a champion. Leading like a champion in the Kingdom of God looks a little different from leadership in the business or sports world. A ministry leader always strives to…

  • Serve Others // Jesus himself said we are to serve not be served. Serve with extravagance.
  • Empower other Leaders // never lead alone, give others a chance to shine in ministry.
  • Focus on the Mission // it’s easy to get distracted, stay focused on the mission of your church!
  • Make it about Jesus // not bigger numbers, facilities or budgets…Jesus is what we are about and who we trust.
  • Consistently Encourage // everyday look for ways to encourage and inspire your team.
  • Put the Team First // put the mission of the team above your personal goals.
  • Work Hard and Trust God Simultaneously // working hard and trusting God combine for a powerful combination.
  • Guard the Heart // make sure to block time to be in the Word, in prayer, and surrounded by accountability.
  • Choose the Right Attitude // attitude is a choice, make sure and make the right choice everyday!

When I think of leading like a champion in ministry these are the characteristics I think about. What did I miss? What comes to your mind?