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Leading Change Without Losing ItIf you want to lead a healthy ministry then you have to be willing to lead change. There is no other option. Healthy organizations change and learn how to navigate the opposition that comes with those changes. Leading effective change is the mark of a great leader but very few leaders know how to deal with the pain and frustration of the process. For the first time in ministry I have found a book that step by step helps explain the process of enacting change and confronting the opposition that comes with it. Carey Nieuwhof is a friend I have watched over the years lead his church through massive change effectively. Carey took the time to write down his journey in a trilogy of books that will be released over the coming year and the first of the three just released this week and it’s called Leading Change Without Losing It and I promise…this is a must read for every next generation leader. As I read through the book this past week I found myself encouraged, inspired, and challenged all at the same time. This first book takes the time to help leaders navigate what we hate in change and that is opposition. Here are the five strategies that the book unpacks to help deal with opposition when leading through change.

  1. Do the Math // calculate who is actually opposed to the change!
  2. Choose Your Focus // decide whether you will focus on who you want to reach or who you want to keep!
  3. Find a Filter // decide the questions that will shape your future.
  4. Attack Problems, Not People // help people see you are for them even if you are not for their ideas.
  5. Don’t Quit // persevere until your critical breakthrough.

Now go out and get the book. Also what are some strategies that have helped you lead through change in your ministry setting?