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I am reading through the book The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker this month. This week I was reminded about our need to serve those who lead us. We invest in our leaders by serving them and helping them push the organization forward. When we do more complaining about our leader’s weaknesses rather than praying and partnering with them we are hurting our organization. We serve our leadership when we look and enable them to thrive in their strengths. Check out this quote from Drucker…

The effective executive accepts that the boss is human (something that intelligent young subordinates often find hard). Because the superior is human, he has his strengths; but he also has limitations. To build on his strengths, that is, to enable him to do what he can do, will make him effective—and will make the subordinate effective. To try to build on his weaknesses will be as frustrating and as stultifying as to try to build on the weaknesses of a subordinate. The effective executive, therefore, asks: “What can my boss do really well?” “What has he done really well?” “What does he need to know to use his strength?” “What does he need to get from me to perform?” He does not worry too much over what the boss cannot do. / Page 93, The Effective Executive

No matter what level of the organization you lead work hard to always try to serve those above you, in leadership over you by building on their strengths and not exposing their weaknesses. The heart of great leadership is humble service. Celebrate and build on the strengths of your boss and you will advance the mission of your organization.