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Been back in Clarksville since Monday and this is the first time I have been able to sit down and post anything. It has been a great week but a busy one at the same time. I get to speak Sunday in the gathering at GCC and our student band is leading. It has been a service that we get to craft from top to bottom and it is a sweet chance to help teens and parents understand what we do each week in our student environment. so excited about at God is going to do on Sunday. Really stoked about having our student band leading, they have worked hard this summer to get ready for fall and this is going to be a great chance for them to lead. August is going to be a great month here for GCC so if you are in town do not miss a week. We really feel God is going to do some amazing things.

I posted the picture of Koz because she is ready to ride a bike with no training wheels. As helped her I quickly figured out that it is really hard to explain how riding a bike works. I kept telling Koz, “just keep trying, it will all come together.” The only way to learn to ride a bike is to get out there and practice. I know Koz is going to fall, make mistakes, get hurt, but soon she will figure it out and be going full speed. Last night as I thought about the bike riding time I thought about all of concepts of following Christ are like learning to ride a bike. You just have to get out there and live for Christ and figure it all out. Faith, prayer, trust, giving, evangelism, mentoring, being mentored, learning from the Bible just all have to be DONE. When it comes to living out our faith we just have to get out there and go for it. It will get messy but it is worth it. The great thing about following Christ is God came up with this thing called grace and by do we all need it. Koz has not figured out riding the bike yet but she is trying. I have not figured all of it out when it comes to following Christ but I think I am gonna keep trying. It is worth it.