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The Bible is such an amazing book. Every time I pick it up I find stuff that blows me away. Reading it is one of those things that is a challenge for all of us because we just have a hard time making it a priority. In the past I found myself reading it asking God if He could show me things that would help me know him better, love Him more, see Him more clearly. I was reading it with my head down and focusing on my own needs. I was asking God to reveal things for my life, that I needed. There is so much there for our lives in the pages of the Bible, but there is so much more God wants us to discover. I have been trying to read the Bible with my head up. Looking outward and inward. Asking God to show me each day I read it to show me something I can give away to others. Asking God, what about this verse will help me serve others, love others, give to others. God does not just want to shape our inward life, He is passionate about the life we live out. Scripture should shape the actions we take each day. It should bring change that reveals itself in the choices we make. Lets read it with our heads up…looking…aware God is at work.