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Nothing brings out our true character like adversity and loss. We all hate to lose, but when we face loss we find out who we are. When challenge comes who we are on the inside comes to the forefront very quick. Good or bad our character will be revealed in a time of hardship. Watching Peyton Manning and Colts head coach Jim Caldwell deal with the loss of the Super Bowl was a joy to see. Both of these guy are natural born leaders and when the reality of the loss hit their character was revealed. They admitted their mistakes, gave the Saints props, and looked ahead. Sure great leaders can break down and say the wrong things in times of loss but a leader’s true ability is reflected in both good and bad times. I was reminded of the need to “lose well” this week. Am I humble? That will be tested in loss. Am I focused on the right priorities? Loss will reveal that! Do I really have faith? I will discover that in the midst of pain and hardship. The person who appears in difficult times of loss…yea that is me. I need to make sure I am proud of that person.