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I have been blessed by God to have 2 incredible women placed in my life, let me explain…

Kay, my mom…you are amazing. Thanks for loving us as kids and supporting us as we have launched into our own adventure of parenting. You were the best MOM a kid could have, you made our home such a safe and fun place to grow up. You are the best. Thanks for loving my wife and our kids. I treasure every moment we have together and every time I see my kids hug your neck, Nana…you are the best.

Chelsea, I am amazed to watch you love our girls. You are an amazing parent and you continually shape our girls into who God has made them to be. I am blessed to call you my wife. You have made me the man I am today. Thanks for living this thing called life with me. Our family is the most blessed family in the world to have you in our life as MOM! You rock!

Happy Mothers Day!