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After an amazing night at REMIX Adam and I headed to Atlanta to meet up with the rest of the team from GCC. We did not make it to our hotel until 3 Am eastern…AND THEY HAD MOVED US TO A NEW HOTEL! Ok, it was not my live like Jesus moment of the year. I was a tired and mad they had not saved our paid for room. The Hyatt put us up in a retreat center down the road that is own by the Methodist denomination. It was nice, had wifi, a great breakfast and a bed. Nothing else matters. We made it to to Catalyst in time to hear Andy Stanley and Steve Fee lead us this morning. As soon as I stepped into the arena I was so glad we made the trip. God has used these 2 days each year to work on my heart each time I have come. What Andy said this morning is still ringing in my heart. Looking at the life of Joshua in the Old Testament he encouraged us to not worry who was on our side…who was for us…who was supporting us…but rather worry about who we are for. It is a waste of life to spend our energy making our mark. Making our legacy. We breath, eat, sleep, think to allow God to make His mark through us! That is big. That is worth spending your life on. GREAT REMINDER for me to start the day off. We are tired but headed back to the arena after a quick lunch and Internet hit at Starbucks to hear Rob Bell, Matt Chandler, and Francis Chan. Our team is going to grab dinner tonight at the Flying Biscuit, one of my favorite Atlanta spots. I cannot wait to hear how God is working in our team’s heart!