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This week our dryer stopped drying our clothes and that is a problem in our house! Thursday morning I got up and starting trying to figure out what was going on. Like any man not gifted in anything mechanical I started searching on Google. Anything you need to know, just start at Google. After working through a ton of little issues I finally got to looking inside the machine and had the chance to see what the inside of a dryer looks like after 8 years of no maintenance. It was not a pretty picture and I was shocked the entire thing never caught on fire. I think our life and ministry looks very similar when we avoid maintenance. Some of you enjoy maintenance mode too much. You love order and structure so much you never seek growth and expansion. I on the other hand love forward motion so much I neglect maintenance very often for the rush of what is coming next. What area’s of our ministry / life need the attention of careful maintenance?

Personal Devotion // We need to keep an eye on how we are pursuing intimacy with God. This never happens for me without attention, a plan, and dedicated time blocked off to simply seek God outside this job I have of leading inside God’s church. The ministry I lead is not mine, it is God’s. I better spend time alone with God when I am alone so that my public life and private life have consistency.

Organization // This week our children’s pastor and some key leaders spent time organizing supplies for their Sunday environment. It took several hours but it paid off big as they streamlined what they are using. Taking some time to slow down and organize can free us to move quickly to serve others when the opportunity arrives. This area of maintenance is so difficult for me. I feel like I am wasting time but I have to remind myself that the time set aside will free me up in the future.

Planning, Dream Time // Yes, planning and dreaming about what is next are so important but the tyranny of the now can crowd out time to make this happen. Taking time to plan and be strategic is a maintenance issue that can set to up to be prepared to lead your team, adapt when changes come, and better know how to pray.

Relationships // Yep…guess what…want significant relationships in your life you better get ready to dedicate time to that pursuit. The most important people in our life need significant time, not leftovers. Time with your family is DEMANDED. Time for your friends is a must. Time for the people you serve with has to be given. MAINTAIN those relationships with care.