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This weekend we had our traditional small group Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon with our small group families. We had an amazing night with friends and I had one of those dad moments that hit me hard. As the kids ran out to hunt eggs I watched my 4th grade daughter run out with joy and reckless abandon. She was all about getting those eggs! What hit me was one simple question…how many more egg hunts would Kozbi have? The hard fact is my little girl is growing up. There are not many more egg hunts ahead for her. Soon she will be hiding eggs and helping get everything ready!

The pace of being a parent often forces us to treat the time we have with our kids carelessly. Holidays come and go and we just take our days for granted. It’s a struggle we all have and every once in a while we just need a reminder to make every day count. God has given us a certain amount of days to invest in our kids before they leave us. We have to work hard to make every day count no matter their age. Every day we have with our children is an opportunity to invest in their lives.

It’s never too late to make the most of the time we have with our children. Let’s go for it this week and make every day count.