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You never know where you are going to be inspired. This week inspiration came from my daughters and their friends in our neighborhood. We didn’t quite get the amount of snow we wanted but what did the girls do…they made the most of what they had. They sled, threw snowballs, and even worked together to make that amazing snowman. No complaining, no excuses they just went for it. I wonder in the organizations we lead if we need to stop complaining, stop evaluating, stop procrastinating, and simple strive to make the most of what we have. The difference between an average and an extraordinary ministry lies in how we maximize the resources God has given us. When it comes to making the most of what we have we have to…

  • Maximize our environments // a room, is a room, is a room. The difference comes with how we use the space. Never allow your meeting space to hold you back from excellence. Environments are what you make them. We are a ministry that rents a local church for our venue. We have to transform it every week. Sure you will have to dedicate time and resources to the space but you have to maximize what you have constantly.
  • Maximize our volunteer teams // your volunteers need to be released and empowered. Make sure you are maximizing the influence of your volunteer team.
  • Maximize our strategy // make sure you have a strategy you believe in then maximize it. This is not about copying what someone else is doing this is about innovation in your environment. Make sure you are pushing your strategy to the limit.
  • Maximize our budgets // use what resources you have to strategically advance your strategy. You are always going to want…need more but you to have maximize what you have.
  • Maximize our leadership // there is no excuse for not providing your organizations with clear consistent direction. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to lead, lead now!