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Many next generation leaders I know are driven leaders. When you listen to them and unpack their schedule you find one common theme…busyness. Driven leaders are busy leaders but many times the drive pushes us to ignore everything else in life besides accomplishment. We often hear leaders talk about being in a busy season of ministry but in reality it’s an everyday busy life. The sad thing is that in ministry we have good motives but when we allow drive to get our of control we move toward self destruction. I recently heard Doug Fields talk about the private world of a public leader and this is how he framed managing the drive to make a difference…

  1. Make authentic community a top priority// if you are going to manage drive then you need people around you that have access to you, the real you, that can speak directly to you. You need real community in your life so you have a shot being real as a leader.
  2. Address approval and applause addiction // we have to check our motives for leading. We love the crowd telling us how good we are. At some point we have to confront our addiction to approval.
  3. Fast forward to life’s final scene // think through what you want the people who matter the most to you say about you when you end your ministry and life journey. Make sure you don’t allow drive to push you away from the people who matter post.
  4. Everything looks better from a distance // realize that there is no perfect church or ministry. Stop the comparison game that drive will lead you to.

Have you seen drive get out of control in your life? How have worked to stay balanced and manage your drive to make a difference?