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Merry Christmas BlogThis has been a wild year of ministry and I am so thankful for everyone of you out there that take time during your week to follow along with what I write here on the blog. It has been such an honor to connect with so many next generation leaders this past year. I am praying you have a great Christmas and get some well deserved time to slow down and look back on all God has done over the past year. You are making a difference in the lives of families. Thanks for all you give.

Every year at this time I take some time off from writing. I will be back January 1, 2013 blogging live from the Passion Conference in Atlanta with a group of college and high school students from Clarksville. Until then I am going to tweet out my top 10 posts of the year so make sure and check those out. They will hit twitter and Facebook each day.

Before I sign off for Christmas break I want to thank all our blog sponsors for your support this year and to come in 2013. I am so blessed to work with, Parentzilla, the folks from Orange and XP3 Students, and Worlds of Wow. Thanks so much for believing in family and student ministry!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2013, here we come!