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Just got home from GCC today and I was just blown away with all God impressed on my heart. It was a great day. I just wanted to get some thoughts out from the morning…

  • Grace Acres and Cross Street (our kids ministry were both amazing this morning. I got to hear both groups in their music time and those kids were singing to God.
  • In Cross Street the kids are singing Broadcast by Steve Fee! Man I wish I had music like that when i was a kid. Broadcast is an amazing song for kids to grab hold of. Go check that song out.
  • Dr. Kent Hughes (Kent as I like to call him) spoke today in our gathering about communication in marriage. It was a great talk, go get the podcast. In tough time Satan attacks marriages. we just want to everything we ca do to help families thrive.
  • Grateful for my wife today, she is amazing! Love ya baby! (got to get that in after that talk on communication)
  • In our gathering the band led Everlasting God, love that verse saying that “strength will rise when we wait upon the Lord”, WOW…just a reminder that I am always in process and always in need of His strength!
  • With the end of fall break we had an amazing crowd, I was just reminded how much I love the people God is bringing to GCC. There is an amazing vibe and it is great to see people connect before and after service.
  • Got to have lunch with a group of high school and college students who feel called to ministry. What a blessing, God is calling out incredible people to serve Him.
  • I am a better person when the Vols win! Now I am going to watch the Titan game on DVR and spend the evening with my family. Go Titans!