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Hit my fourth Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives location for lunch this past Saturday with my brother (and children’s pastor at Grace Community) at Athens Family restaurant in Nashville, TN. Any place that serves breakfast all day is my kind of place. On Triple D, Guy Fieri travels to country looking for local restaurants serving up amazing food and experiences. Every stop I have made has been next level amazing. After a few stops and watching tons of the episodes on Food Network I think there are a few ministry principles I think we can EXTRACT from these amazing eateries…

  • Excellence Matters // if you want to connect with people you better do something really really well. Choose what you are going to do then do that with 100% excellence!
  • Keep it Real // people know when something is genuine and they love it. Embrace authenticity, be yourself, and go for it!
  • Create an Experience // environment is a big deal…when people walk into your ministry your environment is telling your story. Create and experience and let your environment tell people a little of your story or the stories you are trying to write.
  • People will TALK // when people are impacted by your ministry…people will TALK. The best way to reach people is through…you guessed it…PEOPLE. People will talk when amazing things are happening.