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Yesterday it was 68 degrees, YES, 68 degrees so there was no way I could not go play golf on a 68 degree day on December 30, wow! It was great. Larry Parks, my father in law, came to Clarksville and went with me. Again, it was great! Enough about the greatness of hitting a golf ball. Every time I play, with kids that is not a alot, I am blown away by how many lessons for life you can learn playing the game. I know some of you are rolling your eyes but really there are tons of life and leadership lessons there on the course. One of those lessons is that when you play golf you have to constantly live in the present. Every shot matters. The last shot you made is DONE. No matter how your last shot turned out the next shot is the one that matters. Your last shot may have been amazing but still the only shot that matters is that next putt you have to make. Your last shot may have been an utter failure but still the only thing that matters is how you get out of the mess you are in. Your next move matters. So here goes…for life and leadership here is the formula.

MISTAKE OR SUCCESS = lesson learned = move forward

Both mistakes and successes draw us to dwell on them. They want us to stay focused on the immediate situation and live right there in the past. Just like on the course, that moment is over and we have to LEARN and move FORWARD.

I am not sure where you have been in 2008 but learn from the past and look forward. 2009 is here, well it is here in a few hours!