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Got to go to the Titans / Colts game last night and experience MNF for the second time in my life. The last time I saw the Titans on Monday night Steve McNair and Frank Wycheck were leading the way and then last night I got to see them honor both players and Eddie George on the same night. The crowd was amazing and what the team did on the field topped it all off. There is no doubt that the Titans are for real. To bad there is no mid season trophy. All of us here in the Nashville area want to see these guys take it to Tampa on Feb. 1 We have a long road ahead but this has been a great start. I had a great time.

I hope if you are out there doing ministry you have a place you go just to relax and have fun. I love sports. It is my distraction from the demands of leading and it gives me a mental BREAK. We all need it, get out there and take a break. Go fishing, hunting, play music, go to a game, hiking, running, WHATEVER. Serve God, invest in others, work hard, invest in your family with passion, and take time to rest. Life is way to short, take some time to enjoy it!