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So by now you know…I was wrong with my Super Bowl pick. Colts lost and it was hard for me to watch Peyton Manning not win ring #2. I have so many thought running around in my head after watching the game and hanging out with friends last night. The power of momentum showed up last night for the Saints. Momentum shifted toward the Saints when they recovered and onside kick in the 3rd quarter then proceeded to follow with executing their offensive game plan to score and go ahead 13-10. Sure the Saints experienced positive momentum and the Colts faced negative momentum, it goes both way. I tend to look at positive momentum as something to fight for with our ministry teams. Momentum comes to our organization when we focus on what we do best and execute that plan with success frequently. Momentum does not happen by accident, it has to be planned and fought for. The Saints planned to gain momentum for weeks as they practiced that onside kick! The outcome was not guaranteed but the plan to gain momentum was in place. This morning I began thinking about how ministry leaders can prepare for momentum…

  1. Pray : Momentum is a gift from God. Trust me, our God has positive momentum in this world right now. He is winning. We can never complain about not having something we have not prayed for.
  2. Focus : nothing kills momentum like distraction. Momentum comes from doing what the organization does best well not by doing things that we are not good at. Nothing frustrates momentum like distraction!
  3. Plan : Momentum is not gained by accident, and if momentum is gained by accident it will soon be gone. If you want to help your team gain momentum you better have a plan you believe in and that your team can embrace.
  4. Execute : If you have a plan you believe in you better pull the plan off. Momentum for ministry comes from doing something well over and over. Nothing helps momentum like executing the plan with success.
  5. Evaluate : Momentum is fluid (just ask the Colts), and it has to be monitored. Never be afraid to honestly evaluate where your organization is on the momentum scale. You will never be able to pray, focus, plan, and execute without honest evaluation. Without evaluation you pray the wrong prayers, focus on the wrong issues, plan the wrong events, and usually fail to execute with success.