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Had a great weekend hanging out with my wife. This is the first time we have dropped the kids off with grandparents and come back to Clarksville to hang out for the weekend. We went on 2 dates, got to rest, and just had a good time. Our kids had a great time in Shelbyville with their grandparents. It was a win win and we will have to do this again. Man I love my wife, she is the best. Here are some random thoughts on Monday!

  • What are we about at Grace Community? Go listen to the podcast from this week. Good stuff, in fact God has been really blowing us away these past few months. We are so grateful that God is allowing us to be able to serve Clarksville.
  • When I saw our attendance this week I almost passed out. In fact I thought it was a mistake. Thanks to everyone who did the GRACE SQUEEZE to move to the middle seats in the gathering. I think our next move will be to ask some of our leaders to sit in the front 2 rows to free up seats in the back for guests. Good problems to have. Thanks GCCer’s for being flexible!
  • We had a huge challenge in our set up process Sunday and Katrina Watts handled it so well. I am so proud of our family ministry staff. They just rock it each week. Thanks to our set up and tear down volunteers, you are amazing and we could not do this without you!
  • Cross Street Live is coming up on Feb. 8. This will be our second family production. Hope to have a promo video ready this week. We will see!
  • Terrace Crawford got a new job, way to go T, I know you will do a great job!
  • Staff planning day this week and a few lunches with student pastors in the area. I am looking forward to connecting.
  • the Viva Catie concert is next week. This is a concert we are hosting to raise money for cancer research. Yes we are taking action and yes we can make a difference. Pray for us as we get close to this night. Go to for more info
  • We had our second community group meting last night. It was great!
  • watched 2 movies this weekend with Chelsea, Valkarie was great and wathed the new Hulk on DVD, it was great also.
  • FINALLY – it was hard to not see the Titans in the championship game against the Steelers. Congrats to Steeler and Cardinal fans. It will be a fun Super Bowl.