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I had to follow up from my post about Matthew Paul Turner’s book called Churched. Yes, as I read the book I was reminded of all the crazy things I experienced and “picked up” as a kid in church. There are also some amazing things that happened while I was growing up in church as a kid. Here are just a few things I learned, discovered, or noticed while growing up in church in the 80’s and early 90’s…

  1. I became a follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. I learned that my spiritual family (the local church) matters and a I met some amazing people who loved me and my family.
  3. I discovered that real manhood could be lived as a follower of Jesus out as we live daring lives in and for the Kingdom of God. I encountered many REAL men who loved God and loved others.
  4. I found truth and wisdom in the Bible. I learned I could meet God there in those pages.
  5. I understood eternity was real and that what we did in this life would matter in the next.
  6. I learned to stand up for what I believed in.
  7. I learned that people where made in God’s image and every human has value.

Yea…God did wild things in my heart in those early years. No local church is perfect and it gets messy because people are messy. My prayer is that we will all struggle to help our local churches become places that point people to think, live, work, parent, dream, and serve in a way that looks like and honors Jesus Christ. I pray that we will begin to live out the ways of Jesus in our local churches. What are some of the lessons you learned and took away from “church” when you were young?