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I still have so many notes from Catalyst and now I am going back and listening to the pre-conference sessions I missed. You need to hear Reggie Joiner’s pre-conference talk! If you did not go to Catalyst this year go check out their conference experience pack. Get it for your team and start digesting it. I thought tonight I would get out some insight that I gained from hearing Jim Collins, YES THE JIM COLLINS for those of you who loved Good to Great and Built to Last, speak. Yes, I have read both of those books multiple times. Looking back at my notes here are some great things I took away from his session…

Good is the enemy of great!

When you start compromising the quality people on your bus (your team) to gain fast growth you will fall.

Growth must not get ahead of the ability to have the right people on the bus. UNDISCIPLINED PURSUIT OF MORE!

If we get the right “WHOS” we get better WHATS! Life is people! Our lives are shaped by the people we surround ourselves with.

The only thing you can control is WHO you do life with! Who are you going with!

Many churches are dependent on a powerful personality this sets them up for failure. Personalities end, the measure is after the personality leaves.

If you build a great church doing great things we must help it be ENDURING with the right people in leadership!

Work is infinite, time is precious

Yes, Jim Collins is an amazing leader and thinker, go check out